"Le programme sportif que m’a concocté Sébastien était personnalisé et après un mois intensif, je dois dire que c’était dur, mais j’ai aimé ça. La difficulté des exercices est progressive et même s’il y a des exercices où je le détestais, avec du recul, en les réussissant, j’étais fière de moi. Il y a même des exercices que je ne peux pas faire chez moi sans équipement (du type TRX) qui me manquent... 😀 J’ai vu mon corps se redessiner, s’affiner, se retonifier. Ça fait du bien d’estimer à nouveau son corps ! Et les vidéos de training qu’il m’a fait étaient aussi encourageantes. Étant gourmande, les conseils nutritionnels n’étaient pas toujours faciles à respecter, la perte de poids a donc été un peu ralentie, mais j’ai tenu bon. En revanche, les quantités (au gramme près) c’est quasi impossible à respecter, surtout au boulot. Alors c’était souvent malheureusement de l’à peu près... Sébastien a su me rassurer quand j’ai eu une baisse de moral due à la stagnation voire mes craquages. Je tire une belle leçon de ce mois de coaching. Elle a été le tremplin vers une vie plus saine. Merci."

Camille V.

"Sébastien Leria was an integral part of my body transformation in 2013. His remote training and coaching took my body to the next level of sculpted and lean. I am grateful to him and would recommend his services to anyone looking for change. And it was all online!"

Sara A.

"Training with Sébastien has been really fun and so productive for me. I started training with him towards the end of my first year of college. I gained about 8 pounds after one year of college and for a 5 foot petite built girl, 8 pounds showed a lot. I was really undetermined to work out at first and felt like it would take forever for me to lose those pounds and get back my decent looking body. I mostly gained weight in my stomach, hips, inner thighs, and my face. I always thought those were difficult parts of my body to get the weight off and I thought through cardio only I would be able to get back to my former body.Training with Sébastien helped me to target those areas that I felt most self conscious about since he really took the time to explain in detail which exercises are the most effective and for which part of the body. It's pretty obvious he is very knowledgable about the subject since he has been IFBB certified by champion body builders themselves. The information he provided me was so helpful because before, I didn't understand why an exercise was effective or not, and many times I used to be stuck on just running or just doing an exercise without the proper form. Sebastien watches your form and, on the spot corrects your posture and form since he says its the key to making the moves really count.He really also taught me a lot about nutrition which is another reason why I wanted to get started to train with him, since alot of other trainers just make you run or lift weights and you end up eating food that's not healthy for you afterwards. But Sebastien teaches you why and what is good food to put in your body. He really wants to make sure that you learn what it takes to work out your body effectively as well as what healthy food should be put into your particular body. A lot of other trainers tend to want to get you addicted to their help and in a way become dependent. But Sebastien wants to make sure that you walk away knowing how to do all the moves accurately even when he is not with you. He wants you to grow and take away the knowledge he is sharing so that you can do everything on your own independently as well. He really seems like he is not into the money and more about helping people feel good about themselves and reach their own personal goals."

Goli H.

"Sébastien has extensive knowledge in all the diverse areas of personal training, and he will undoubtedly help you achieve your goals. Whether it is in regards to weight loss, muscle gains, strength, endurance, flexibility, power lifting, athletic training, etc... The tools are all made available to you. I started training with Sebastian approximately 1 year ago.. Even with the limitations that mainstream gyms place on their personal trainers, Sebastian was still able to demonstrate superior expertise in his profession. Together he has helped me conquer every fitness objective that I have made for myself so far. Whatever your ambitions in physical fitness may be, Sebastian will help you make them a reality so long as you are willing to absorb the information and put in the work that is required of you. His prices are fair and worth every penny and he tries his best to make a training schedule that works for you. Best of all, IT'S FUN!"

Deborah H.

"I'm a 27 year-old female from France. I know Sébastien for four years, but it's the first time I'm working with him. My target is to lose 35 lbs and have a better body. I'm following the nutrition training and workout program online. Sébastien made a personalized plan for me. It is tailored towards my specific need. It's a pleasure to work with him because he listens to my problems. In the beginning, I was not able to bend very well my knees due to a medical history. Now, I feel the difference. He adapted my training for my fitness level. He did the same for my nutrition and created a meal plan that incorporates the food I can eat without harm. I appreciate to be followed, motivated and encouraged. Even If I am not going easy on him... I try to pay attention, but sometimes I don't exactly follow the direction for the program. I struggle with my bakery craving... However, he takes time to answer any of my questions. He sends me his directions through email very fast, every week. In addition, we regularly have a video chat meeting to check my progress and adjust my program."

Bérénice R.

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