Akhilleus Fitness is the accomplishment of 6 years of hard work. It began in 2010 when I decided to turn my passion for the fitness world into a lifestyle. I gained knowledge from my ongoing education as I constantly learn about the every physical activity and the creation of my fitness materials. I intend to develop a successful method that allows people to stay toned and remain in shape at all times

I personally experimented different conditioning techniques. Being able to train and teach fitness to individuals on their journey to achieve the best body is now easier. My acquired knowledge from Martial Arts, Breakdance and Body building combined provide me the sufficient base to design a suitable fitness solution. I can convert simple goal or sport specific routine into rigorous workouts.

I studied and analyzed every component involving biomechanics and muscle contractions. My path in personal training has led me to work with world, winning athletes who are currently enrolled in professional league competitions (IFBB, NPC, WBFF, Muscle Mania…) and other health and wellness professional from various career fields. (Physical Therapist, Nutritionist, Health Coach, Chemist, Pharmacist).

My encounters worldwide made me realize that I must dedicate myself fully to enhance my knowledge and learn more each day. I am proud to be certified by the IFBB Professional League in Personal Training and Nutrition. Help you to achieve your goal is my honor.


IFBB Certified Trainer, Nutrition Consultant, National Judge, Published Fitness Model





All personal training sessions have personalized programming. Each new client is required to have a 1 hour long fitness assessment where we will analyze your current state of health, body fat, weight, etc. A strict 24 Hour cancellation policy is in place for all sessions, if you cancel within the 24 hour window for your session you will be charged for the session.


The nutrition training is an on-going education that teaches you the keys of an efficient nutrition plan. It’s a personalized program that uses your current eating habits as the base. After reviewing your food history, the second step is to plan a strategy to create a nutritional plan adapted to your needs and fitness goal. Optimize your calorie intake balance.


Fitness Models and Competitors, the posing classes are made for you. Too often, we can see great physique looking average on stage or during video/photo-shoot. If you are looking for a proven manner to show you hard earned work. display yourself under your best light is mandatory.


Are you a Fitness Pro seeking for a graphic designer, a production company to create your fitness profile? Do you want a strong look to advertise and promote your services to your prospects? Do you need an audit regarding your social media impact and leads? AKhilleus Fitness offers fitness branding services.

Larissa Reis - Sébastien Leria

Larissa Reis

IFBB Figure Pro and my dear mentor.

Sébastien Leria - Ronnie Coleman - Joe Antouri

Joe Antouri, Ronnie Coleman

ProPTA CEO with 8x Mr Olympia.

Christophe and Sebastien Leria

Christophe Leria

My brother and 3x Men’s Fitness Champion


Akhilleus Gear

Akhilleus Athletics Apparel

Gym Swag made for the real athletes. You’ll look tougher than ever showing of your dedication in achieving the best fitness choices. Akhilleus Athletics Program said it all…

Fitness Books

Fitmeals : Eat Healthy » Stay Fit

Your only no BS fitness guide made by a flexible eater to anyone eager to learn about the basic of Macro and IIFYM principles. A lot of advices in a very easy to digest book.

Motivation & Nutrition Tips


Join my online educational program and learn Fitness at your own pace. You can check my updates on @FitnessInquisition on Instagram. When the eLearning website will be complete. You will be first to be part of the community.